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PM in Phuket visit calls for cooperation in making re-opening a success


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Thai PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has called on all sectors on Phuket to work together to make the sandbox re-opening a success. The PM was speaking while on a visit to the southern island, which re-opened to vaccinated foreign tourists yesterday. The first international arrivals in over a year jetted in on Etihad Airways, which had 25 passengers from Abu Dhabi on board. They were followed by 136 on Qatar Airways, 137 on El Al Israel Airlines, and 68 on Singapore Airlines. The PM was at Phuket International Airport to welcome the Singapore Airlines passengers. All sandbox participants will need to […]

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watch that video when he was asked about death numbers in Thailand while he was on a trip in Phuket with his Cabinet. it says it all....

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It's all very well the pm saying work together but the basics are, you actually need tourists to come.! It isn't very attractive with all of the hoops to jump through and no entertainment open.. I personally want it to work and get back to normal ish  but can see this will struggle.. the 300 every week that stayed in asq in bkk will just move to phuket so same figures arriving but now called sandbox tourist's. oh they found one guy that admitted he came here for an 8 day holiday.. hope he enjoys his time here

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2 hours ago, Mercmick said:

What about older people who own property in Thailand like myself at 75 years old? 

Yes, what about those people? Tell you what, Mercmick, why don't you copy this brief post into a property-related topic, titled 'Property-owning issues', which you'll find in the 'General' section. You'll maybe get a better response to your valid question, there.


Anyway, let me welcome you to Thaiger Talk, now  . . . now that I've got tabs on you!

Please feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in 'Introductions'. It's good to pick-up on those sometimes differing regional or geographical perspectives.

And check-out the Guidelines, too, when you get a free minute. They're there to help us all enjoy our time here.

Happy posting

King Cotton

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