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News Forum - Russian man killed in Phuket motorbike crash


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A Russian man has been killed after crashing his motorbike into a minivan in Phuket’s resort town of Karon yesterday.  Rescuers arrived at the scene on the Karon–Patong Road to find the unconscious man lying on the road and heavily bleeding from his head. The rescuers rushed him to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. They have not yet released the man’s name or age.  Witnesses told The Phuket Express that the man had lost control at the curve before crashing into the minivan. However, police are continuing their investigation. The minivan’s driver and passengers were not injured.  […]

The story Russian man killed in Phuket motorbike crash as seen on Thaiger News.

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it is so sad to hear so many foreigners come to Thailand to die. in many of the cases it seems that either they are intoxicated by some means which will run them out of control. I am sure they dont drive such a way in their respective country, why drive recklessly despite there are various examples and various warnings signs. I dont think so thailand roads are dangerous and i dont think we should blame the roads instead we blame ourself as a cause for this accusation.   

People who take their vehicles should drive cautiously to save their lives and other who are around us too.

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2 hours ago, DoUKnowWhoIAm said:

Strange, Ive read that 80% involved motorbikes.


I found a source to explain where the 20% motorbikes (and some other other percentages that were mentioned) in this article may have come from: 


(and that article delegates any claim of accuracy and definitions of scopes to "the ministry’s Data Catalogue" without providing links)

I'm not in the mood to delve deeper now, but I expect it to boil down to (not so) subtle definitions. That would make it a joke (but not in a funny way). In short: you're right to assume that the internationally accepted "75-85%" range is more accurate than the stated "20%".

Edit: (couldn't t help to look closer): the issue is that 20% (involvement of a motorbike) may be accurate, but out of those 20% the majority dies. Not so for the other categories... 


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