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DTAC extends benefits and policies to LGBTQ+ employees


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As Pride month came to a close yesterday, one large Thai corporation took a big step towards equality, extending policies to same-sex unions and offering policies helpful to the LGBTQ+ community. Mobile phone service provider DTAC, officially known as Total Access Communication PLC, has enacted a range of LGBTQ+-friendly new policies for their employees. The CEO of DTAC made clear their support of the community and gender and sexual orientation equality. “We have zero tolerance for discrimination based on gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, religion. This has long been part of our code of conduct.” Putting the philosophy into action […]

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That's it. I'm turning in my dtac SIM. Any company that aspires to treat human beings as.... well, human beings is not going to get any of my business.

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14 hours ago, Thaiger said:

Thailand actually passed the Civil Partnership Bill when it was considered by the cabinet a year ago in July 2020, but it hasn’t been fully enacted.

Sorry, Thaiger, but that's badly wrong and needs correcting.


"Thailand" did NOT pass the Bill a year ago, but it was only passed by the Cabinet - completely different.


It has not been voted on in Parliament yet, nor is it likely to be for a few more months following some protests from some Thai Muslim groups (now withdrawn).


Edit: to be fair, there are also protests from some gay rights groups who say the Bill does not go far enough and want full marriage rights rather than a Civil Partnership stepping stone.  Counter-productive and very short-sighted in my opinion.




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