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News Forum - Report indicates TikTok’s search results create polarisation


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A new report on TikTok’s search feature has concluded that the social media platform is producing polarising information. Climate change, politics, the war in Ukraine and Covid-19 searches were all found to produce misinformation on the platform. The study, by NewsGuard, claims that toxicity and false claims are a “significant threat” at TikTok.  NewsGuard is self-described as a “journalism and technology tool” as it rates the credibility of certain websites. The company noted that TikTok’s search results were more polarising than Google’s, despite producing little to no misinformation. A study back in September found that the top 20 results from […]

The story Report indicates TikTok’s search results create polarisation as seen on Thaiger News.

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"Conspiracy theories promoted by QAnon and apparent home recipes for hydroxychloroquine (a drug that has been used to treat malaria and lupus), were found in the searches."

Pretty strongly biased statement ridiculing right-wing conspiracy theories, when misinformation about abortion, COVID, elections, etc. from left-wing conspiracy theorists are rampant, as well.

Newsguard does a half decent job but they still aggressively target right-wing sources while they give pass after pass to left-wing sources who still present complete hoaxes as legitimate factual truths, such as Jussie Smollett and Russiagate.

All that to say, it's difficult to consume truly unbiased information in current "everything is partisan" times.

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