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Thaiger Talk Quiz #098 - Music in Thailand


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Quiz #98

Well, here we are at quiz #98, almost #100. Way back in the comments for the first quiz, one member requested a music quiz. Better late than never 😀. Good luck, folks and let us know how you get on with this quiz.







And now for the answers...








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28 minutes ago, palooka said:

1/5. That was one totally out of left field for old farlungs.

Didn't know you were such a young buck @BigHewer.

I’m definitely not a young buck palooka 😁

I resisted putting this quiz up for a while, but it was requested… and I promised. Back to normal with the next quiz on Friday.

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1/5 first quiz, bonus quiz 3/5. But just been out for a meal and they had a Thai singer/guitarist on, he started to sing 'How Deep is your Love' by the Bee Gees and he must have learnt the lyrics by listening to the song, for when it came to the chorus of "and you come to me on a summer breeze" he was singing "and you come to me on a submarine", he did his best though, but still had to grin a little.

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A remarkable 3/5.

Knew two only. Thought I was relatively clued up on Thai music.

Mind you, trying to say Takkatan Chonlada after 2 Leo's, is challenging. 🤣

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