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New Traffic Fines Suspended for 3 Months


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So enforcing the existing traffic laws with new larger fines has been suspended for 3 months, to enable people who drive and ride to understand the new fines for laws that they should already be following.  This is head snakingly pathetic.  The Thai Police just keep getting worse,  at a job that they should be doing already, against people who just don't care about the law, including, its got to be said, many expats, riding around on bikes without helmets, or not using seat belts in cars, speeding etc.  None enforcement of the new fines just breeds contempt for the law in all its forms. Why the RTP cannot see this is beyond me. 

I had to laugh when the news stated that the new child seat law comes into force today; yea, right, like that's ever going to be followed or enforced. 

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54 minutes ago, Fanta said:

The government should use these 3 months to have a media campaign about the new fines to raise awareness. 

Raise awareness of what, that there are traffic laws that people should be following anyway?  A campaign is not needed, a few thousand  hefty fines would soon get the message out to the idiots who don't follow existing and long established laws.  The plain fact is that the law on fines has been decided,, promulgated and published and the RTP have decided, all by their little selves,  to ignore them, until they feel they are ready. As I said, its pathetic when the Police ignore the Nation's laws for their own convivence. . 

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24 minutes ago, Pinetree said:

Raise awareness of what, that there are traffic laws that people should be following anyway?

That the fines will be increased & enforced which raises awareness of the need to follow the laws, maybe even save some lives. Can’t hurt.  I agree that the RTP is a poor imitation of a public service. 

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