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News Forum - Corrections Dept. to sue Thai talk show for creating fake news


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A female talk show host faces up to a year in prison after insulting the Department of Corrections and spreading fake news about Thai prisons. On August 31, the Thai talk show, Unfold a Secret or Chae (แฉ), invited a female influencer, Leena Jangjanja, to host a discussion about the Forex-3D scam involving a leading Thai actress, Savika “Pinky” Chaiyadej. Aside from talking about Pinky, Leena also spoke about the founder and CEO of Forex-3D, Apirak Koth, saying he lived a privileged life in prison. Leena said Apirak was imprisoned in a VIP area, which was more convenient than other […]

The story Corrections Dept. to sue Thai talk show for creating fake news as seen on Thaiger News.

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The Forex 3d scam VIP scandle
There is a reason VIP groups exist in Thai prisons - the term used in jail is Kah Yai or Big Legs which refers back to the chains - a big hitter usually had to wear heavy link chains for years and as a result had well developed calves - thus the Big legs nick name. Kah Yai not VIP.
When i did my time in Klong Prem I was lucky and to some extent skilful enough to be the only westerner at the time to be allowed into one of these groups.
Kah Yai groups were usually allowed a plot of land to build a "house" on (house being a roof - lockers below waist height - every thing had to be visible). If you were doing well you had water and electricty so you could cook. There were taxes related to this. These groups had to take in poorer inmates, they also had to help maintain the status quo.
To be clear we are talking about maybe 10 officers on a block of 600 to 800 inmates serving 7 to 25 years. In short the block only worked on the knife edge balance of connected inmate groups - the mass of random inmates and everything in between - and the 10 officers.
Guys like the one in this article have probably been placed with a Kah Yai group for their own protection and also so that they don't disturb the balance. Also worth noting that VIPs are still shitting in a hole in their cell that has to have a cover on it at night so the rats don't come up the plumbing at night


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Imagine trying to get a Thai version of "60 Minutes" or "Panorama" or "4 Corners" or "101 East" made on Thai TV.


This is when we realise just how hopelessly screwed Thai people are by their own mediaeval and corrupt systems. 

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