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Patong Motorbike Rental Scam


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When renting motorbike in Patong, it is normal for vendors to ask to hold your passport. If you refuse, they will typically require a 5,000 baht deposit instead of the usual 3,000 baht.

Now here's the scam:

As your focus diverts to inspecting the rental bike, the vendor will change the "5,000" to "3,000" on your rental paperwork.

Trust me - the scammers are skilled and experienced. The intent is to distract you.

Advice: It does not matter if vendor is a sweet old lady. Take a photo of the amount you pay to vendor. Only sign rental paperwork after you check it and take a photo of paperwork immediately after.

As soon as you allow vendor to scribble the "3" into a "5", it would be too late. It does not matter if you spotted her in the act.

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^ good advice Friz and you were obviously conned by a bad operator.

I know of and can recommend TWO excellent rental agents on Phuket, both are well known and Farang/Thai operated for many years with 1,000's of return customers.

Kamala Beach - Bee's Bikes

Patong - Cheap as Chips Motorbike Rent

Both may be found with a simple Google search and the rental criteria is as below:-


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I've never been scammed with a deposit 


But it's still good to remind people to be diligent


On another note

Back in the day, they demanded passports


These days almost all of them accept deposits instead 

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