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News Forum - Government recommits to the banning of vaping and e-cigarettes


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While the government seems to have loosened up in legalising cannabis – though later claiming they never intended it for recreational use – they’ve just reiterated their position banning e-cigarettes and vaping. Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul doubled down on the ban, saying that vaping poses a major health risk, especially to young people who account for more than half of all e-cigarette consumers. Anutin spoke at a national conference in Bangkok yesterday addressing cigarettes and public health, citing a survey last year by the National Statistical Office of Thailand that said that, of the 80,000 people vaping in […]

The story Government recommits to the banning of vaping and e-cigarettes as seen on Thaiger News.

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It has its pros and cons, many more things other than this more cons than pros. Bozo and his handlers just likes to exercise control. People should have their own minds and own choice. 

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Yes. Stop the young using vapes because there is no way they will simply smoke cigarettes instead. 

Does the Thai government still own the countries largest cigarette manufacturer by any chance?

Would hate to think all this pseudo science was some kind of smoke screen in order to maintain sales of cigarettes. 

The question is does vaping cause more harm than smoking and given the Thai government has essentially decriminalised cannabis does this not send out mixed messages?

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Thailand legalizes cannabis (considered as a drug in most countries)

Thailand criminalizes e-cigarettes (considered as less nefarious than cigarettes in most countries)


This country will never cease to amaze me.

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The government should realize, that vaping has different use.


The chemical crap that people wape? Yea, ban it.


But, vaporizer for the weed should be absolutely supported as one doesnt need to actually smoke that burning crap, tobacco, paper and all the chemicals in it.


It is way more healthier way of smoking. Vaporizers that are for dried substances should be allowed.

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