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News Forum - Monkeypox variants renamed to avoid offending people


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The World Health Organisation renamed the monkeypox variants from the Congo Basin, and West Africa to Clade I, and Clade II to avoid offending different sections of society. The WHO is also inviting the public to suggest a new name for the monkeypox disease. The WHO announced the two new variants of the monkeypox disease on Friday. The organisation reported the name of monkeypox variants was changed to prevent discrimination and hurting culture, society, and animal welfare. The WHO said monkeypox was named in 1958 according to the areas and the disease vector, but it is now outdated and needs […]

The story Monkeypox variants renamed to avoid offending people as seen on Thaiger News.

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FarangPox......of course, without the offensive intended.😉



MonkeyPox has been circulating throughout Africa for ages - no one takes note.

Yet, when this Cooties finds it's way throughout the exceptional Euro-worlds it becomes an issue of pandemic and serious perceptions.


Hmm....what's wrong with this picture.

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Presume chickenpox will now need to be renamed too, and scarlet fever is unfair on all the Scarlets in the world.

Surely WHO have far more important things to do than protect the sensitivity of supersensitive moaners.

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It's obviously not offending anyone. They're just trying to come up with something that will hopefully invoke more fear in the gullible and fear drivenCorona Stay Home GIF by Our House TV obedient segment. Pretty sure it's new vulgar nicknames will always take precedence. Sorry, boat missed, should've made up something terrifying from the start. POLYFORM WASTING NECROSIS FEVER. See? That sounds way scarier and isn't actually what the outbreak is, exactly what you're looking for. Try harder, "experts." 


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