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News Forum - Thailand’s new narcotics laws offers drug offenders treatment


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The Thai Cabinet yesterday introduced a new set of narcotics laws, downgrading a number of acts to give people a second chance if they have committed minor offences. Some drug offenders will be offered drug treatment instead of prosecution. Yesterday, the prime minister’s deputy spokeswoman, Traisuree Traisaranakun, reported that the Cabinet approved the new laws under the Narcotics Act. The laws will focus on the limited amount of drug possession. Traisuree said the new ruling would be used to consider whether a drug offender deserves a chance to get treatment or face a penalty. According to the report, the law […]

The story Thailand’s new narcotics laws offers drug offenders treatment as seen on Thaiger News.

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Alcohol offenders.

Alcohol is a drug. 

Drinkers are not offenders. merely because alcohol is legally provided, even though it is harmful, addictive, and toxic when overdosed on. 

So there's no difference then between the substance apart from the particular "high" and someone who's never used the drugs decision that they're dangerous based on the few who cannot cope with drugs. 

While these changes are welcome, there's so far to go. Even the language around drugs is deliberately prejudicial (pre-judgemental) and demonizing.

Both alcohol and sugar are addictive drugs that cause immense damage in society, The collateral damage from alcohol related violence and road death globally is staggering. No pun intended. 

The health costs are far more than those wrought by the "hard" drugs meth or heroin. And if you think meth isn't everywhere already anyway, you're not paying attention to the size of the weekly drug hauls in the last ten years. 

It does send some people to hell (so does alcohol) but it is simply not the demon they want us to think it is, or the streets would be full of toothless zombies a long time ago!

The miniscule amounts allowed before "criminality" kicks in around the psylocybe (psychedelic) class of drugs displays a tragic ignorance around the tremendous good and incredible safety profile around these substances. They are technically impossible to become addicted to because of the way they react in the body, and they are a cure for:

1) end of life anxiety (terminal illness fear of dying).


3) suicidal depression

4) Alcoholism

At a "recreational" level they're said to bring humans closer to "god" and to each other than the hypocrite hate-mongering religions of the planet ever will.

Yet they remain firmly demonized and totally misunderstood. 

Prohibition is evil. Not the drugs.



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Thailand is improving. A few years back, possession of more than 0.375 of a gram of meth = you ARE a seller. Now less than 1.5grams and you are a user. Regardless of your stance on drugs, less draconian laws = less corruption and that is a good thing. 

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