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News Forum - Thailand has 5 BA.2.75 antibody-resistant Covid-19 sub-variant


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Health authorities are now keeping a close eye on the development of five confirmed infections of the Covid-19 sub-variant BA.2.75, known to be antibody resistant. The director-general of the Department of Medical Sciences outlined all the cases and warned that the sub-variant could spread quickly if not properly monitored. “Officials are monitoring the development of the sub-variant. If the strain is highly transmissible, its infection percentage will gradually rise. Otherwise, cases will go up only for a certain period.” The BA.2.75 sub-variant has about 90 mutations from the early strain at the beginning of Covid originating from Wuhan, making it […]

The story Thailand has 5 BA.2.75 antibody-resistant Covid-19 sub-variant as seen on Thaiger News.

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1 hour ago, Mandy said:

Here we go again!

Surprise!!! New regulations looming.

I agree Mandy, it seems to be a never ending story. I'm new here after giving up on the AseanNow website's endless fear mongering and censorship. Hoping it is better here.

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When is Thailand and other countries going to realise you can’t stop the Wuhan virus. It’ll keep on mutating and the more you try to suppress it the longer it’ll last. Get on with living, drop all regulations and stop reporting on it. If you have health problems then it’s up to you to do something about protection.

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Time to move on. Mass masking is not the future for Thailand. Come on people, live a little.

Look at Japan, 250,000 cases a day despite universal masking.

Thailand, this is not your future, show your faces again, do not be afraid. 

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Thailand has 5 BA.2.75 antibody-resistant Covid-19 sub-variant

They begin to sound like some kind of infomercial 😂 but wait.... there's more!!! Now when you buy 1 Omicron, you'll get 5 BA.2.75 antibody-resistant Covid-19 sub-variants for FREE!!!! Call now!!! 

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