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News Forum - Pervy taxi driver allegedly kisses young female passenger in Pattaya


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A young woman says a pervy taxi driver kissed her when she and her siblings were travelling home in Pattaya on Wednesday. The 20 year old woman said she and her brother and sister had ordered a taxi to get to their home in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district after a party. She says they got into a yellow and blue car with a middle-aged driver named Saman. The woman said Saman seemed friendly when her siblings were in the car, but after a few minutes into a conversation, he suddenly showed that he had a knife. Saman said he […]

The story Pervy taxi driver allegedly kisses young female passenger in Pattaya as seen on Thaiger News.

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If this guy has a history of this sort of behaviour as the article says, why is he still driving a taxi. The taxi system in Thailand is in desperate need of reform. In most civilised countries around the world taxi drivers are background checked and must meet certain standards of behaviour to get and keep their licence. It's about time this sort of behaviour and scamming that are notorious was stamped out in the Kingdom. I have never experienced a worse or more dangerous taxi system anywhere in the world than Thailand's. Even in Mexico city where kidnapping taxi scams are not uncommon the genuine taxis are safer than Thailand. The risk in Mexico city comes from you flagging down and getting into a fake cab run by the gangs. Genuine cabs booked online or by phone are fine. Even in the Philippines it is rare these days for you to be in any sort of danger in a cab. You might get shaken down for a highly inflated cash fare but the stories about being taken to dark alleys and robbed are very much history there. But in Thailand you never know especially in  Phuket and Bangkok it's just ridiculous. 

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