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News Forum - Thai influencer suffers 2 years abuse by sex pest security guard


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A Thai influencer hopes that two years of being sexually harassed by an obsessive stalker is now over after seeking help from a lawyer. The female influencer, Mintra “Pare” Cheuwangkam, aka Minton, met a Thai lawyer Ratchapon Sirisakhon, yesterday to discuss two years of hell after being hounded by a security guard with an alleged rape and drugs charge on his record. Minton revealed at first she thought the security guard, named Nanthawat, was just a fan who liked her. But over time he became more obsessive and threatening. The influencer made it known he not only threatened her but […]

The story Thai influencer suffers 2 years abuse by sex pest security guard as seen on Thaiger News.

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18 hours ago, Thaiger said:

Minton has more than 1.8 followers and subscribers on her social media platforms.

She can't be much of an influencer with so few followers surely? Who is the 0.8 - someone missing a limb?

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The influencer said the guard knew her personal details, home addresses of her and her parents, her sister’s school, ID card numbers, bank account, and working schedule.


OK, But did he know her birthdate?

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15 hours ago, HiuMak said:

She must be delusional and having INFLUENZA. 

Free publicity why not 

Id counter with AFFluencza...

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