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JingJai Farmer's Market - aka 'JJ Market'


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JJ Market is a totally new concept and the 1st of it's kind, more are to be rolled out nationwide! 

A magnificent fully landscaped and sealed weekend market (redeveloped) by Central Group is undoubtedly Chiang Mai's best market for all fruit and vegetables, ready to eat or take home meals, clothing, arts, crafts and so much more. 


There's a Tops 'Green Market' (above) which is open daily and the weekend 'Farmers Market' sprawls over several acres behind.  All fresh and prepared food stalls are fully covered with solid structures and paved areas are well drained to ensure year-round operation regardless of weather.


Ample shade and seating is provided, also rubbish bins and toilet facilities ... making JJ the best appointed outdoor market!  There's live music and shopping carts on site with plenty of off-site parking, even in nearby Lotus's or Kamthieng plant market.

It's very popular .... the best time to shop for fresh produce is from ~ 7am as by 11 there's not a lot remaining.  Food stalls are quite superb and far more varied than normal markets.  I had a serving of fresh cooked crispy pork belly which was the moistest, most tender moo grob I have ever had!  We brought quite a few other treats home but next visit we'll go earlier and spend 3 or 4 hours there. 


There's lots to look at and even if a scorching hot day one can always enjoy refreshments in several cool locations including the airconditioned Tops cafe.


Facebook Page and location here > https://www.facebook.com/FarmersMarketChiangmai

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22 minutes ago, palooka said:

Looks fantastic, veg display no1.

Prices comparable or a bit up?

Happy to pay more without the crowds.

Prices are comparable to other local markets and turnover is obviously high.   Crowds are less bothersome at JJ compared with regular markets where you're jumping muddy puddles and dodging low umbrellas.

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This kind of market was (or is) also in the old "rose garden" in Samphran, in Nakhom Pathom (near the samphran elephant zoo). If memory serves well, I think it was sunday's. I do not live in that area anymore since 5 years, but i visited the market several times. Nice setup

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  • 10 months later...

I was that last year, feel that prices are a little more dear compared to other markets. Produce seem fresh and good. The food count in the back is also filled with amazing choices. look out for the vendor who serves edible flowers in cocktail glasses, what a work of art.

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