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I now have 21 aquariums varying in size from two gallons to 125 gallons.  Thailand and particularly Bangkok, with its fish market, at Chatuchak is wonderful. 

My experience with keeping fish began when I was thirteen and worked at a pet shop in my home town .  I'm not trying to hold myself out as an expert on aquariums and fish but I sure do enjoy keeping them.

If anyone else is into this please join in.

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I'm into aquariums too before moving to Thailand. I would have to wait until my kid is a little bigger before starting an aquarium again.

Maybe you can share some photos of your aquariums?

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I used to have 5, 3 spot Gourami , over 3 years wild caught in a outdoor water tank, than last week the missus went night fishing and we thought it was a good idea to try putting a fry size clown featherfish in the tank, now I have 4  gourami and i put the knifefish in the crab tank☺️

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I'm a professional aquarist and exotics keeper. I used to work in an aquarium retail store. My greatest achievement was keeping alive Pseudanthias tuka, a serranid notoriously difficult to keep alive for long periods of time. But my main interests included fang blennies and dottybacks.

Like many serious aquarists I had both freshwater and marine aquaria, including planted and coral reef tanks. Not to mention vivaria for spiders, scorpions, amphibians, snakes, lizards. I trained to handle venomous snakes, and incidentally, fly birds of prey. But such skills seem not to help you find work in Thailand. 

The transition to obsessive, isn't owning 21 aquaria. Its when you start keeping your charges, in things that aren't really aquaria - buckets and tubs with overhead lights and simple filters. That's how I kept crabs, mantis shrimps, etc.

I want round Chattuchak shops trading fish and exotics, but work? To no avail. And I thought the number of freshwater species sold is low, for instance, Asian arowanas, flowerhorns, and tigerfish I saw recurrently. With a few stingrays and catfish sharing their tanks, that sort of critter.

Maybe its just me, but I couldn't find any marines on sale, despite the proximity of reefs. There are a number of species on Indian Ocean reefs, that suffer long distance transit, but could flourish in Thai aquaria. For example the delightful Taeniura stingrays invariably die after reaching Europe or North America, but fare very well in Southeast Asian aquaria. 

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