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News Forum - Four year old witness helps police catch gamblers in central Thailand


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Police could not contain their laughter during an interview with a 4 year old witness to a crime in central Thailand yesterday. The innocent child gave police important information about a group of gamblers, including his own parents, during a raid at a house in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya province in central Thailand. Yesterday, police received a complaint that a group of people were gambling together at a house in Wang Noi district. When police arrived at the house, a group of seven men and women playing the game “High-Low” ran outside and dispersed in different directions. In a panic, […]

The story Four year old witness helps police catch gamblers in central Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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This is a form of child abuse and so if the police stopped finding it funny and did something about it, perhaps children would not be dragged along to all-day and night gambling sessions in neighbours houses.

I can see from my current position that again my neighbour opposite is having a gambling day. So far there are about 10 people gone inside including 3 young children. In several cases it's the gran and grandpa taking the children they have been entrusted to take care of that are regulars. Frequent trips to the mom and pop shop to buy the kids snacks and a cola seem to salve their consciences, if they have one. These sessions are 'approved by the local 'big policeman' so they play with impuity.

In adition there are 2 other houses within earshot that are clearly doing the same, loud arguing over game play is a bit of a giveaway.

Just saying here in my village and am sure many other Thai mooban have the same widespread activity and it is not a joke.

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5 minutes ago, KFS said:

With any luck this child won’t experience violent retribution.

Yes, that sadly is a distinct possibility 😒

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