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News Forum - “Khao San Road should be a cannabis hotspot to boost tourism” – local businessman


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“The chance for the government to use cannabis to boost tourism shouldn’t be turned down”. The words of a local Khao San Road business man who sees an opportunity in the government’s recent announcement to decriminalise cannabis products. President of the Khao San Road Businesses Association, Sanga Ruengwattanakul says that foreign visitors passing through the infamous party strip “could be encouraged to consume cannabis responsibly, which could motivate other popular tourist destinations like Pattaya and Phuket to jump on board”. His cunning plan follows the announcement to decriminalise cannabis products on June 9 but is awaiting specific legislation to be […]

The story “Khao San Road should be a cannabis hotspot to boost tourism” – local businessman as seen on Thaiger News.

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13 minutes ago, Thaiger said:

His cunning plan

Is a bridge too far this early in the ganja game to expect the BMA to support this. Then again, if they grant licenses to sell, you'd be crazy not to set up shop on Khao San Rd. Might just happen naturally. The problem still remains, you can't smoke unless in your own home (and not expect to be harassed by police).

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Cannabis enhanced massage business.

ahem..the resultant experience can be transcendental pleasure

With very little to no after effects or addiction issues.

But, cannabis should not be consumed long term.

Damages lungs and can lead to impotence..lol

Old addage "Anything in moderation" but I don't know if I would apply that to all Bangkok offers haha

p.s. they have to offer chocolate chip cookie snacks too haha for the munchies..

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