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News Forum - OIC commends treatment of Muslims and quality of life in Thailand


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The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation hailed Thailand as a shining example of how well a multicultural society can coexist during a visit to the Deep South provinces. Delegates from the OIC visited 3 of the southernmost provinces in Thailand on June 29 and 30 after the Thai government invited them to come and see local religious activities, education programs, and communities. The trip marked the first visit of a senior OIC member to the region in 10 years. The group committed itself to being a part of improving the quality of life and keeping the peace in Thailand’s Deep South. […]

The story OIC commends treatment of Muslims and quality of life in Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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Yes !

god job Thailand!

But the Muslim society needs to recognise other beliefs & not shun Buddhist & Christianity or any other religion!

I see 7 Eleven selling Alcahol with Muslim owners & selling Ham & Cheese Sandwiches?

But if you ask for pork at some restaurants or shops or street stalls , somehow they get upset & tell you ! are you-crazy asking for it!

Not saying they can’t follow their culture & religion by not eating Pork?

But it seems hypocritical that

7 Eleven ok !

But not other places?

Also they need to assimilate With Thai culture of respect for Animals & Dogs!

Many are disgusted at friendly dogs & shun their children at man’s best friend!

All up ! great that Muslim people getting respect!

But let’s see a bit more in return for other cultures!

Just my observations!

Not looking for an argument!

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So international recognition of how good Thais relate to Muslims.

Pity some Muslims cannot get past their religious bias and stop the bombings and killings.

Maybe Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Yousef Mohammed S. Aldobeay would like to get out in the jungle and personally tell the radicals how good they have it in Thailand.

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