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News Forum - Thailand’s Prayut orders drug crackdown


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Thailand’s PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has ordered a crackdown on illegal drugs in the country. At an anti-drug award ceremony yesterday, Prayut urged local officials to continue cracking down on drug rings, as well as their financial supporters. However, the PM also stressed that rehabilitating addicts need occupational training to help them rebuild their lives. Prayut also brought up the need to educate young people about the dangers of drugs. He said there need to be awareness campaigns to promote drug-free schools and communities. This news comes after Thai police voiced support for a new approach to drugs in the country […]

The story Thailand’s Prayut orders drug crackdown as seen on Thaiger News.

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It would be a welcome change to see these billions of baht in cash and assets seized by the RTP being spent on rehab facilities and public education on drugs as opposed to being funneled to it’s current black hole destinations. 

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It's really simple.

Criminalized substances create a crime breeding ground.

To control drugs, the government have to license and tax the supply of drugs, all of them, even the "hard" drugs. (They're no "harder" than alcohol they're just demonized and lied about to the point that non-users are brainwashed into being irrationally terrified of them)

This is not a radical model. It works like a charm with the drug ethyl alcohol.

We treat the 3% alco-addicts with sympathy, not jail, the rest of us abstain, or enjoy responsibly. There is no rational reason why meth and heroin cannot be the same. Addiction rates are 3% globally across all use, adjusted for legal status, it's a medical fact. 

When they were all legal before, the world never even noticed!

The US Govt created this demon, and the rest just blindly followed.

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Is his ploy trying to recreate and become the alter ego of Thaksin eradicating drugs and getting the approval from the people? He is majorly way behind in the polls of support for him to be the next PM again. And you can guess who is leadin the polls. Yep, Thaksin's daughter.This must just curl his toes and chap his hyde as he is even losing to MFP. Can't make people like or love you when there is not respect and hatred for everything you stand for.

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