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Man allegedly steals almost 300,000 baht from monk


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Police in Si Racha, a district south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand have arrested 21 year old “Constitution” and have charged him with “snatching” and stealing at night from a monk. The monk was relaxing at a “motorcycle resting place”. “Constitution allegedly stole the monk’s cell phone and managed to extract a password for a bank app from the monk. Subsequently, the man allegedly withdrew money from 9 different times from the monk’s account. Each time he withdrew 30,000 baht, thus withdrawing 270,000 baht in total. Information from the police says the man used cardless withdrawal to extract […]

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On a serious note, it astounds me that people have their phones setup to be able to make bank account withdrawals. No matter what apple and android say, I can assure you that they are not secure - and phones are easy to steal.  Maybe in places like Australia you will be OK and get refunded, but good luck with that in places like Thailand. 

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What is a Thai monk doing with B270.000 in the bank. This is against the rules of being a monk.

In addition they are not supposed to have Smart phones. The might be able to own a $30 phone to contact other monks, but not a Smart phone.

B270.000 in the bank. A monk! This might be a case of a thief stealing from a thief.

Plus they are not supposed to have a driving licence.

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Well I was mistaken as I thought that "monks" are poor and live for and in service to Buddha. But anyone that has 300,000 baht surely is not dirt poor or took a wow of powerty. I suppose if he would tried to steal from a Chinese Shaoline monk he would of had his arese kicked! Oh well.

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Reminds me of Thailand's jet-setting fugitive monk. 33-year old Wirapol Sukphol was relatively unknown in Thailand,  Despite the vows he took to lead a life of celibacy and simplicity, Wirapol had a taste for luxury, police say. His excesses first came to light in June with a YouTube video that went viral. It showed the orange-robed monk in aviator sunglasses taking a private jet ride with a Louis Vuitton carry-on.

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