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News Forum - How Thailand is shifting to aged care in the home


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Thailand’s ageing society is growing rapidly, with a quarter of Thais who are 60 years and older forecasted to account for one-third of the population by 2040. Despite expectations that the country would see a rapid escalation of assisted living and nursing homes being developed, COVID-19 became a game-changer. While traditionally many Thais have lived and grown up in multigenerational homes with a larger family group, urbanization over the past decade eroded that trend. In that timeframe, the exodus from family compounds to condominiums and single-family homes took centre stage. The greying of a wider global population also saw many […]

The story How Thailand is shifting to aged care in the home as seen on Thaiger News.

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An interesting article with some good observations relating to how Covid has changed things and the perspective people have on life. That said, I do believe most, if not all of those changes will be quickly reversed. I would imagine that within 3 years and certainly within 5 years, life will be entirely how it was before Covid. 

As a small example of this social reversal, I look at hospitality within the U.K.  One of the things many people loved during the initial opening of bars, was the ability to get table service and pay at the end of the evening. This is something normal in nearly all other countries, but within the U.K. having to walk to the bar and queue for your drink and pay each time is how it’s done. British people go on holiday abroad and good service is something they comment on. The hope was that this table service and single bill payment would remain in place after full reopening,  as business owners recognised this extra service was enjoyed by patrons and would encourage more business. No chance! As soon as possible, all that good customer service was abandoned and back to the hassle of trying to catch the eye of the bar staff while queuing at the busy bar and paying multiple times!

A small example of how, even when it looks like a win-win, society falls back to what comes easiest or how it’s always been done, 

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