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News Forum - Leaders of smaller Thai parties want to legalise online casinos


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Twenty representatives of smaller Thai political parties submitted a draft amendment for the Gambling Act to Thailand’s house speaker yesterday. The draft amendment aims to legalise online casinos. A list-MP of the Thai Local Power Party said that legalising online casinos will let authorities collect taxes from license holders, and decide how to punish illegal casino operators. The list-MP, Kovit Puangngam, added that of the tax revenue collected from license holders including their application fees, 90% of taxes will fund state welfare initiatives. This would include debt relief in the agricultural sector, as well as student loans and occupational development. […]

The story Leaders of smaller Thai parties want to legalise online casinos as seen on Thaiger News.

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I hope Thailand doesn't by go down to he road the UK has on gambling. Gambling here in the by UK is like a virus, it's everywhere and causes a lot of hardship to families. If you've got enough money to gamble, then you've got enough money to live. Once you introduce a greed factor into people's minds, then your making all-sorts of problems in society. 

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Better they try to decriminalize it as gambling is simply not going away in Thailand, if anything gambling has increased with the availability of online gambling.
No mention of the expected tax windfall being used for rehabilitation or support services for problem gamblers - the same people the money is being earned from. 

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2 hours ago, HiuMak said:

Make it a sinner city from the current sin city please. Looking to more vices in Thailand

Weren't they going after high quality tourists with a lot of money? They might leave Thailand like low quality tourists😂

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