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News Forum - Risk of dengue fever is higher in rainy season, warns Thai doctor


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The risk of contracting dengue fever in Thailand is higher in the rainy season, because pools of water are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, warns Songkhla Provincial Public Health Doctor Songkran Maechum. Monsoon season began last Friday, and intermittent rain is expected to cause a spike in dengue fever cases in Thailand, so be prepared. In Songkhla province in southern Thailand, 32 cases of dengue fever were reported from January 1 – May 10 this year. No deaths were reported. The most common age group to catch dengue were 10 – 14 year olds followed by 14 – 24 year olds. […]

The story Risk of dengue fever is higher in rainy season, warns Thai doctor as seen on Thaiger News.

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            Not something I would wish on anyone. I caught dengue fever in 2018 in the Philippines and ended up in rural hospital for 3 days.  There are no medications to treat dengue and all I had is an IV bottle and no desire to eat.  Had a very high fever and just slept the whole three days except to use the toilet a lot, due to the constant IV drip.  Two days after I was released from the hospital, I already had a plane ticket to fly to Bangkok to attend a friend’s wedding that I was invited too a few months prior.  When I arrived at Bangkok, I went to Bumrungrad Hospital the next day to get checked out, as I felt very weak and my blood test showed a very low red blood cell count. The next morning after waking up at my hotel and looking in the mirror, all of my skin was red as if I laid out in the sun and received a full body sunburn. I ended up getting blood tests daily for the next week and they had me on a program to increase my red blood cell count back up to normal.  I ended up missing the wedding that I initially came to attend.  I was told that if I caught dengue fever again that the symptoms will be worse, unlike other diseases where one builds up an immunity.  My understanding that there is now a vaccine, but not recommended to receive the vaccine unless they have had been infected dengue fever before.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dengue_vaccine

           Anyway, if you are here in Thailand or anywhere in SE Asia, be careful. (I first wrote this “when I w*** up at my hotel….”, which I guess is a politicized English word not allowed on this site even if used correctly, so I was flagged and had to reword the sentence before it posted 😂). Thank you algorithms for setting me straight 👍

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