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Lao woman rejected while trying to register for Covid-19 vaccine


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A formal investigation is being launched after a woman from Laos was refused registration for a Covid-19 vaccine. It’s understood the woman is married to a Thai man and has lived in Thailand for 14 years. The political activist, Srisuwan Janya, has lodged a petition with the Ombudsman, requesting an investigation into the case. According to a Bangkok Post report, Srisuwan is accusing the authorities of discrimination and infringing on the woman’s rights by refusing to allow her to register for the vaccine. The woman has been named as 34 year old Maneekorn Pedchompoo, who is married to Thai national, […]

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Nice to know that racism never stops in Thailand, get some education people or should we all call you black people or monkeys?



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Whether "racism never stops in Thailand" or not, her rejection has nothing to do with "racism" so maybe Thais aren't the only ones who need to "get some education".

She's not a Thai national, so  she doesn't have the same rights in Thailand as Thais any more than an American, Belgian or Jamaican does who marries a Thai (or vice versa in their countries), whether that's rights to residency, hospital treatment, work, or a Covid vaccination.

She's not a Thai, as a Lao national she's unlikely to be a permanent resident, and as a 34 year old she's unlikely to be a priority.

I think that differentiating between Thais and foreign nationals for Covid vaccines is wrong and that it's stupidly short-sighted, but anyone putting this down to "racism" equating it to calling Thais "black people or monkeys" badly needs to "get some education".


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