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Medical researchers look into combining vaccines to beat Delta variant


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Researchers at the Centre of Excellence in Clinical Virology at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University are investigating if combining vaccine doses from different brands can boost immunity against the Delta variant. The move comes as Sinovac, the vaccine widely administered in the government’s rollout, shows declining efficacy against the highly contagious mutation first reported in India. Prominent virologist Yong Poovorawan says researchers are looking at a combination of Sinovac and AstraZeneca, adding that results should be available within a few months. It’s hoped that the combination of different brands could increase immunity and offer better protection against infection. The Bangkok Post reports […]

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CCSA: "Hmmm... Given what's happening in Chile, Mongolia, Bahrain, The Seychelles etc. What are we going to do with these Sinovac shots? Thoughts, anyone? Anyone?"

The study is supposed to be complete in a few months according to its lead. A few months in COVID-time is forever.

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Yong says slowing the spread of the Delta variant is vital, pointing out that some people who’ve received 2 doses of either Sinovac or AstraZeneca are showing low immunity

AZ is 67% effective in preventing symptomatic presentation with the Delta variant with even higher effectivity for mortality. While it's true that this is lower compared to the original Alpha strain, it's still not a bad number at all and still a lot better than what your typical annual flue shot achieves. It's certainly a lot better than actually catching Covid!

Granted, Pfizer still rules given that it has 88% effectivity in preventing symptomatic presentation with the Delta variant, but I'd be very happy to take AZ on this basis. 

At this point I'd stay away from Sinovac or any Chinese vaccines alltogether though. May as well be injected with a placebo :D 

I think the reason they're trying to combine AZ with Sinovac is to be able to say that people have received 2 shots, are therefore theoretically vaccine compliant internationally and at least they've had one dose of AZ which will give them 34% protection without having to throw away all that Sinovac junk they've received from China... If they would junk the Sinovacs right now, it would also put them in the precarious position of not having sufficient vaccine doses of AZ or other decent vaccines to be able to consider reopening anytime soon.


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"A new study conducted by the University of Oxford has found that the AstraZeneca vaccines is effective in combating both the Delta and Kappa variant of the Covid-19 virus"

"A Spanish study found that giving a dose of the Pfizer shot to people who already received the AstraZeneca vaccine is highly safe and effective"

Done, stop wasting time and money, it's already researched and determined. I would suggest to take all financing from the jokers and give them Chromebook and teach how to use Goggle

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