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News Forum - Thailand News Update | Thailand Pass Updates & Costs increase in Thailand


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The updated Thailand Pass online registration system is now accepting applications for the new test-free entry. It opened just after midnight, today. From 1st May 2022, travellers arriving in Thailand by air will be subject to much-simplified entry measures… Fully Vaccinated Travellers only need to upload the following documents: A Passport Certificate of vaccination And Proof of insurance , now valued at US$10,000, down from the earlier 20,000 dollars. Unvaccinated and Not Fully Vaccinated Travellers are now treated much the same… Upload your Passport Certificate of vaccination Proof of the 10,000 dollar insurance AND A Negative PCR Test taken within […]

The story Thailand News Update | Thailand Pass Updates & Costs increase in Thailand as seen on Thaiger News.

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Land crossing is still not clear. This is what I found at the Thailand Pass website just now. I rather wait for all the restrictions to be dropped completely before crossing over...



From 1 May 2022, travelers entering Thailand by land will be subject to new entry measures, as follows;
1. Passport Holders :
- Register on Thailand Pass

- Attach required documents including passport, certificate of vaccination, and AQ hotel accommodation confirmation for 5 days (for non-Thais who are not fully vaccinated, and Thai nationals who are not fully vacccinated and wish to undergo quarantine at AQ hotel)

- Attach proof of insurance with at least 10,000 USD coverage for medical treatments in Thailand (for non-Thais)

- If fully vaccinated, get an exemption from quarantine

- If not fully vaccinated, undergo quarantine for 5 days at AQ hotel, SQ accommodation (for Thai nationals) or other accommodations as stipulated by relevant authorities

- If not fully vaccinated but have an RT-PCR test result issued within 72 hours before travel, able to enter Thailand without undergoing quarantine (for Thai nationals).
2. Border Pass Holders :
- Do not have to register on Thailand Pass

- Do not need proof of insurance

- Must be fully vaccinated only

- Travel is permitted only in the area as stipulated by the agreements between the two countries (non-Thais only).

- Your stay in Thailand must not exceed 3 days (2 nights).
PLEASE NOTE For travelers whose Thailand Pass have already been issued can travel with the issued QR Code and do not need to register for new Thailand Pass.


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well applying is straightforward and easy , did it this afternoon received my QR code few hours after . i am good to go and to get in without any problems. i guess the most important was to get all these test removed. The pass may vanish one day but i am afraid insurance become as the yellow book , mandatory to travel. with jetstar it cost me 146 bux for a period of 10 days , i guess there are cheaper option but better to be prudent we never know what can happen now.

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