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Test & Go Experience

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Although it won't be relevant in a few days


Here was my experience 


I flew Vancouver-Seoul-BKK


Check-in at YVR was litteraly less than 3mins

I checked-in online, so dropped my bags at the electronic bag drop.

Then showed my documents at the gate.

They honestly didn't seem to worried about my documents 

Much different than just 3 weeks ago when my wife checked-in for the same flight


One thing was they asked about my insurance but that should be part of your Thai Pass.

Against he didn't care, didn't even look when I pulled it up on my phone 

Just said to make sure I had it


The flight was 100% filly booked

Food was great on Air Canada, I was pleasantly surprised 

I ate the Korean option both times 




When changing planes, Asiana Airlines had a desk where they checked all your documents thoroughly 

Funny enough, they had all the requirements for the 4 countries they service and despite all the whining on here, Thailand had the least requirements!


Flight ICN-BKK was about 90% full




I wss very surprised they only did a quick check of Thai Pass when you landed before you got to Immigration 

I mean she looked at it for 30 seconds, maybe 


I'd say there were 3 or 4 planes landed

Through Immigration in 10mins


Bags took a bit long but I just took that time to get a SIM  card


Getting my car was quick and efficient 



One last thing was the PCR test at the hotel 

And quite honestly, she barely put the swab up one nostril 

I think with the program ending in 3 days the hotel doesn't want the hassle of someone testing positive 


Results back in 5 hours 


The hotel, Grand Centre Point Terminal 21 was fantastic to deal with both my wife's and my T&G

By far, the best communication I've had with a hotel in Thailand 


Weird how things seem to work our when you don't whine and moan about everything and look for the negatives   😀



Very happy to be back for 6 weeks!


The 5 or 6 brief interactions I've had with Thais along my day of travel and landed reminded me how much I enjoy Thais. The are such playful people......

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