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My latest house design idea (in 3D)


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During the long Songkran holiday I had the opportunity to basically stay at home the entire week owing to the fact that I and my entire family had just recovered from Covid-19 so we thought we should take the opportunity to rest and recuperate at home.

That being said I then thought about revisiting the old design I made here https://thethaiger.com/talk/topic/9327-my-house-design-idea/ and redo the whole thing just for fun. And this is the result:


Unfortunately my wife has a hard time trying to understand how this design looks since she isn't familiar with technical drawings so for her convenience I took the time to make it in 3D and here they are:

First of all let's see how the house will look like from the outside.

1. Front



2. Right Corner



3. Right Side



4. Back



5. Left Side



6. Left corner




7. The ground floor (or do you call it the first floor?). There's a patio leading to the main front door. A bench on the patio for sitting enjoying the view while having tea/beer. Notice that there's another entrance to the living room from the car porch.



8. Ground floor view from above



9. Another view of the ground floor.



10. Living room



11. There are 2 entrances for the living room. The main one connected to the patio and the aforementioned door from the car porch.



12. If you noticed from the 2D drawing earlier in this post there's supposed to be a wall separating the living room and the hall where the pool table stands. I decided to scrap that and use an aquarium as partition instead. 



13. Another view of the "aquarium as partition"



14. Going out from the pool table hall will be a patio furnished with some rattan furniture



15. Dining room



16. Kitchen where I reckon most of the eating activity is actually done on the island extension. Dining room only for special occasions.



17. A ground level eye view of the kitchen



18. Toilet, laundry room and a store room that can only be accessed from the car porch. There's another store room not shown here which is under the staircase. Also notice the door going out from the kitchen to the patio for drying clothes.



18. Now on to the second floor



19. From another angle



20. Again, another angle



21. Family room for listening to hi-fi and the main bedroom



22. There's a balcony connected to the main bed room



23. The other 2 bed rooms with a shared bathroom connected to both rooms.



That's pretty much it. My wife now finds it so much easier to understand the design once it's in 3D. She said it looks like that The Sims game that she used to play.

Let me know your thoughts on this latest design iteration. I am still thinking whether I should change the bathroom design that is currently shared by the 2 smaller bed rooms. Should I put it outside so that anyone on the second floor can use it as oppose to being exclusive to those 2 rooms only?

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