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News Forum - Thai researchers warn, don’t take off your mask in public toilets


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A team of Thai researchers found in a study that without face masks, there was a 10% risk of being infected with Covid-19 in public toilets. The team, lead by a researcher from Chulabhorn Research Institute in Bangkok, found that the risk climbed to almost 100% if the Covid-19 infected person coughed or sneezed in the toilet. The study claimed, however, that if both wore N95 or surgical face masks, the risk was just 0.01%. Now, the researchers warn the public not to take off face masks while in public toilets. Thammanitchpol Denpetkul, a lecturer at the faculty of tropical […]

The story Thai researchers warn, don’t take off your mask in public toilets as seen on Thaiger News.

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We knew this at least 18 months ago. The spreading of the virus and the problems of enclosed and poorly ventilated spaces has been known literally for months and months. One reason why colder climates have higher cases. 

Next weeks article is about Thai researchers who have found smoking can cause cancer! 

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(I found Marble-eye's post funny but my handicap is being serious whenever I care about sth, so let's commence....)

The reported conclusion of 100% vs 0.01% as a simple function of on yes/no mask wearing is phenomenally ridiculous. As reported, 100% of toilet visitors would be infected, which is utterly non-sensical. The probability of having at least 1 infection being 100% would be less unbelievable, but only slightly so.

Sadly, Thaiger failed to link to relevant source, i.e. https://iwaponline.com/jwh/article/20/2/300/86945/Effects-of-face-masks-and-ventilation-on-the-risk . The "100% are infected" is actually "a probability of at least 10% of being infected when visiting a toilet after an infected, unmasked person sneezed there within 10 minutes prior".

I admit that's a harder sentence to parse, but at least it is closer to what the study concluded. The simplification made in this article renders it void of meaning and usefulness.


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8 hours ago, Chatogaster said:

You may be missing some of the satire in the post, I think they are simply reporting what Thai press reports and then leaving it up to us to discern. I actually found it amusing.🙂

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Move over American Heroes working on the front lines as supermarket cashiers during the pandemic.

Thailand has mop-wielding patriots at PTT public toilet facilities who, day in day out, rain or shine, stroll casually through clouds of COVID-laced farts without regard for their own safety. 

Team Thailand!  Hell Yeah! 🦸🇹🇭 💪

Honorable mention to the 7-11 clerks: "Bing Bong, Welcome!  Bing Bong, Welcome!" 🤪


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