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News Forum - Phuket’s Vanderbilt Estate opens for local charity


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The financial impact of Covid has been felt all around the world, with charities hit the hardest. Phuket Has Been Good To Us, who teach English for free to disadvantaged Thai children, is no exception. Desperately in need of funds, they were hugely thankful when friends of the Foundation Mohan Murjani and Sukanya Panyalert (Khun Yui) offered to open the Vanderbilt Estate in central Phuket for a charity event. The Vanderbilt Estate has been built as a reflection of the Vanderbilt mansions built for the American family dynasty over a century ago in and around New York. Read a bit […]

The story Phuket’s Vanderbilt Estate opens for local charity as seen on Thaiger News.

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1 hour ago, Thaiger said:

Vanderbilt mansions

One of their beautiful houses in New York were sold and subsequently demolished in the 20s, to make way for the bigger building. (there's one threatening skyscraper in the background of the pic....)    

images - 2022-04-10T110414.217.jpeg

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1 hour ago, Greeneyes said:

Arrogant bullshit 


I get the comment. I think it is very wrong, I think it is misplaced, but I get it.

Looking at the photos gives a whiff (is 'stench' a better word?) of rich spoiled people standing about reveling in how rich and spoiled they are; it makes me a tad queasy. It seems to symbolize everything wrong with the world as we have all seen what poverty looks like; the slums, the malnourished children, the shoddy facilities that they 'make do' with, the filth, and all the other associated crappy things. 

On the other side of the issue, is there anything that looks more out of touch and 'Let Them Eat Cake-ish' than a garden party?

I get the comment, but respectfully, it is misguided and the comparison wrong and unfair; there is inequality throughout the world (always has been and always will be) and people need to get over it and/or do something about it.

I have a lifetime of experience working with and for charities, and have first-hand knowledge of the truly wonderful things that they do and the truly wonderful people who do them. However, there is one requirement that they all share; they all need money to operate.

The money raised at the party, and the matching grant by Living Waters Phuket Foundation, will have the knock-on effect of helping hundreds/thousands of people. How many? It is impossible for me to say with accuracy, but two qualified English teachers could reach two hundred kids a week (2 X 5 X classes of 20 kids/week) directly and through effective Teacher-Training Outreach enhance the quality of instruction for another thousand more, on an island where Tourism is the dominant industry and will be for decades to come. Yes, those numbers are rectally-derived, but way (WAY!) back in the day I was a Teacher/Teacher-Trainer and that is roughly what I was able to accomplish.

Moreover, we would all like to see money raised in a seemingly more egalitarian and less visually-offensive manner, but it is the end result that matters, not the sausage-making process. I have tremendous respect for those who go door-to-door and collect a few Baht here and there, I have tremendous respect for those that frequently pop a few coins into the charity jars at 7-11, I have tremendous respect for those that donate their time and energy to make good things happen for others, but the simple fact is that if you want to implement a project that is effective and reaches larger groups of people, you need to collect donations from governments or from groups of rich people.

Might I suggest that members ignore the more... cringeworthy aspects of the photos, ogle the hot chicks as you should, respect what the money will do and donate a wee bit when you can? An event like this might cover costs/salaries of qualified people, but your smaller donations could enhance that with books, note books, pens, and many other materials that Teachers use.

The end result of this is that people will be helped.

Is that not a good thing?


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Well to me it looks like a lot of fun. I sort of grew up in the Great Gatsby mode with a big portion of my friends living in Hillsborough and we had some wild parties. Anyway, the Chrsitan Dior bag looks a bit decadent but it is only 6999 baht on shoppee as I just looked. So not the straw that breaks the cows wallet.

It is a charity held at a very nice place with wonderful grounds, and I would bet that anyone who went had a fun time. If you look at the website, the main building itself is low key in size. It is just furnished with nice amenities. It sort of reminds me of the Kentucky Derby where everyone dresses up for the event.

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