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30 million baht added to vaccine side effects compensation fund


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The National Health Security Office had set up a 100 million baht fund to be used as compensation for vaccinated people experiencing side effects. Now the government has approved an additional 30 million baht to be made available as needed in the Loan Executive Decree in paying out those affected negatively by the vaccine. A previous poll showed 80% of Thais are hesitant to get vaccinated for fear of dealing with negative side effects. Over 400 claims have already been processed with compensation paid out to people who reported negative side effects after receiving their vaccine, according to the deputy […]

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Bad decision, as have have posted before'

Hundreds of Thais will be limping in line along the the Sois to claim compensation.

The more ambitious will be in wheelchairs. 

They will have been practicing their facial torment for weeks beforehand.

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TobyAndrews, 30 million bath. There are 60+ million Thais. If Thais will be limping in Sois to get compensation because of negative effects (real or not) as you suggest, this would result in a compensation of less then 50 setang per person.

If only 10% or 5 % of the Thai population would claim compensation, then this would mean they would get only less then 5 or 10 baht per person.

Of course those amounts are only related to the 30 million baht added to the earlier compensation funds. 

But all together, I think it is not very spectacular.



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