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Why do the Thai Immigration & Visa application try & target rich people?

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why do the Thai Immigration & Visa application try & target rich people?

Middle Class people are the tourists who want to come to Thailand to get better value for a holiday!

Most of my rich friends would rather go to Maui In Hawaii or Spend their money in English speaking countries where they can drink the water!

They also seem to start out with good incentives with certain Visas & then get greedy, adding caveats which deter the would be travellers!

eg: Adding 100,000 insurance policies that you could buy if you have lived in Thailand for 9 months previously??

what good is that to a tourist?

then they add having 800,000 baht in a bank account ??


you can live on 1500 dollars a month very easily with food and accommodation so why do you need nearly double that when they only issue your visa for 1 year & you have to check in every 3 months?

why not just issue 3 month renewable visa’s to anyone who has $5000 in a bank account & show they can draw on $1000 dollars in monthly income!

Surely these people can show they support themselves on that amount of money?

why do they want tourists yet make it too difficult?

Health Insurance policies could also be made in 4 month Policies etc making them very affordable and a win win for tourists & Insurance companies!

From all the Visa’s I see at the moment and all the requirements, you will not attract too many tourists or long stays!

As Thailand makes it too difficult ? for the average tourist!

Its like starting a business & only trying to get rich people to shop in your store?

Greedy , looking for quick money is like a gambler trying to recoup his losses?

What put Thailand tourism on the map?

Everyday middle class people !

And now you want to treat the core people who made Thailand great in the bin!

Greedy will not work!

Grass roots & a lot of time is the answer to getting tourists back!

Again the very rich can go anywhere anytime & Thailand is not on most of their bucket lists!

TAT need to have a good look at their current policies , because Thailand will not succeed the Greedy route they are trying to take!

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