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Hi everyone,

I wasn't sure where to post this - 

I was wondering if there are there any film photographers out there? As a professional photographer I use digital only when I absolutely have to - I use film as much as I can - mainly because I prefer it aesthetically but also because that's the way I learnt photography and i still have all of my old film cameras.

I'm not really looking to start a debate on which is best, just wondering if anyone is using film  - I wouldn't mind tapping into creative communities in Thailand again. I worked in the publishing industry when i was working in Thailand and it was hugely enjoyable since there is so much creativity there.

I there used to be a few good indie photographic shops in Bangkok where i used to get film developed and high res scans for an absolute steal - i think one was around Siam - can't remember very well though...

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Hi, sorry for the late reply, I've not been following the chat for a while since I got back from Thailand.

I've been using film all my life and I've put off going digital (a) because, like you I prefer the look and feel of film and (b) I've got so much invested in my 35mm slide library.  When I made my first trip to Thailand (February/March this year) I decided to use up my remaining film stock; then when I got it processed back here in the UK at great expense I decided it was crunch time!  So now I've put myself in limbo and set myself the challenge of getting and learning to use a digital SLR before my next trip to Thailand in 4 weeks time.

I'm more amateur than pro, but I give talks - old-style slideshows with a pair of dissolve projectors - for a fee.  I'm wary of digital projectors because of the resolution (pixels) and because I doubt you can get a real "dissolve" with two images transiently, fully superimposed on each other - I may be wrong but this is my hunch.

When I was in Chiang Mai in March and the film was running out I think I must have bought the last remaining Kodak Ektachrome  in the whole province; 3 out-of-date and cut-price rolls that came out OK but not the most saturated colours I've ever seen!

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I just joined this community and saw your posts. My wife and I live in Phuket and are into film photography, and classic cameras, we have a LOT of them :-)

There is still film available here and plenty of places that develop film, though searching in English doesn't work well to find them usually. Contact me if you need details, or a camera! B&H also ships film anywhere, we have used them before.


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