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Changing Honda Click Wire Rims to "Solid" Rims and Tubeless vs Tube.


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I have a 2015 Honda Click scooter that has wire rims that have rusted.  I want to change them to "solid" type rims. 


here is what i mean by "solid" rim. sorry not sure what to call them:



Also I want to switch from innertube to no innertube. 

the reason i want to do this is i was told solid rims and tubeless are "better". 

i am ready for a new set of Michelin City Pro tires now also. 

so the questions are:

is do you have experience switching rims on a click? any suggestions on rim type?

is tubeless better? have you made the switch? 

thanks for any info.

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Those "solid" rims are called alloy wheels or alloy rims. 

The reason why those tires with tubes tend to have a higher failure/leak/puncture rate is because there are dirt or sand trapped in between the tube and the outer tire. When running these sands become abrasive rubbing against the thinner tube causing punctures.

You don't have to change the wheels to alloy type if your intention is to just change to tubeless tires. The shop has a way to seal your existing wire spoke wheels so that they can make it work with a tubeless

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Two of my bikes are tubeless. So just to add in. I have a Fino Grande and pretty new as a couple years old now. 
I have had to replace two rear tires. First time the puncture was too much and had to put a new one on it. 600-800 baht. Second time they plugged the not so old tire and the plug seemed to lose it and so changed the tire again. Not every place carries that particular tire and if you do go somewhere and on the outskirts and get a flat then it might be more than you bargained for. Tubes are very easy to patch and replace. Next week I am taking my other bike which is a tube bike on a bit of a 4 day journey. And my reservations being out of the way in places up in these mountains here is 50/50 they will not be able to fix it if it happens with a tubeless. I have had many many flats with tube bikes and it never is over the top to get back up and going again. 
But in general for my Fino Grande, comfortable and great locally. Maybe just me and two bad experiences with 2 different tubeless tires that were new or in great condition. 

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On 3/3/2022 at 10:58 PM, NCC1701A said:

thanks everybody. 

any suggestions for manufacturers of alloy rims?

Honda. Buy second hand rims but make sure they are straight! Thailand roads bend up rims. The Chinesium wheels available new are not good quality or as strong the Honda originals and they crack not bend. I run standard Honda alloy/mag rims with tubes. Does your Click have a chain? Wave wheels will fit. No chain? Airblade wheels will fit. If it was me I’d replace the rim section on the existing spoke rims as they are plenty strong. Whichever wheels you choose I would consider 17” wheels not 14”. 

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