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Covid-19, food delivery brings rise in plastic and infectious waste


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Often, evolving lifestyles, and the technology it brings, are first regarded for their revolutionary game-changing effect before facing down the road the negative unintended consequences of the change. It was decades between when we celebrated the way air travel allowed you to see the world and when we started talking about “carbon footprints”. Many years went by between seeing the world’s knowledge at your fingertips online before the rise of the darkweb. We all thought mobile phones brought us together as a species before we devolved into drones ignoring the world around us as we waste endless hours staring at […]

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OH MY GARD1 Just was everyone thought that Thailand was suffering enough, now they have this new danger.

Step forward some beribboned official and ban food delivery, which I am sure he will be delighted to do.

Better still, the cause of the problem is eating. Ban eating.

What next? banning elephants because they sh*t on the road and motorcycles skid and crash as a result?

Climate change can wait. The pandemic is the priority

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Face masks were always going to be an issue for safe disposal and The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends discarding them in the "correct" rubbish bin immediately after use and not reusing them. What is the "correct" bin? Masks and other disposable material that are used to contain the pandemic, such as gloves, must not be disposed of in the recycling bin with packaging, cans, etc. or with organic waste. Do not throw them away with your general household rubbish.

I live in Bangkok and there are no bins provided for Face mask disposal and no obvious plan.

However you will find used face-masks on the ground and the good people of the city have no choice but to discard them with their general waste rubbish.

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