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Congratulations Thaiger


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Will done Tim and team. This will prove an invaluable site and hopefully lead to greater advertising revenue for your business.  I would much rather advertise here than the options like Pattaya Addicts which has such a narrow appeal. Should give them a nice shake up. 

I hope everyone will join the congratulations. 

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23 minutes ago, EverHopeful said:

I hope everyone will join the congratulations. 

I'm sure they will!

Hello, EverHopeful and welcome to T-T!

Please feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in 'Introductions'. It's good to pick-up on those sometimes differing regional or geographical perspectives.

And check-out the Guidelines, too, when you get a free minute. They're there to help us all enjoy our time here.

Happy posting


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I see the biggest forum in these parts (mentioning no names) has just re-brandered itself with a new name and new website address.
Two current members emailed about it, saying that it has generated pages of mainly critical comments, despite only having started today.
Perhaps it will encourage more people to join T-T? We can hope, as in the couple of days I've been on here T-T does seem to have potential for growing.

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Yes, the Take-over announcement out of the blue, as well as not providing any info on the new owners (Chinese?  HongKong based server) or whether posters content would be used for other purposes, has led to a couple of pages of not very positive comments and questions.  In typical 'Other Forum' style some of these concerns were labelled 'conspiracy theory'.  I am glad I got banned from that hornet's nest... ? although it was for the entirely wrong reasons.

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