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Unfortunately when the Phuket sandbox comes into operation there wont be many people coming from Australia as we are not allowed to you to leave the country. Also if the bars are not open its not going to be much of an incentive for people to come and enjoy themselves.  What are your thoughts please?  A fantastic channel by the way I watch it every day and thank you for what you do.

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10 minutes ago, Gordon said:

What are your thoughts please?

Hi, Gordon! Welcome to T-T and thanks for such kind praise.


First, re your query about Phuket's vacation attractions (or lack of), I'm sad to say that at this time I can only comment that, since the tourism and health authorities seem to be working against as opposed to for each other, it will probably be many months before people can think of enjoying a 'normal' sort of holiday there. Sadly, we are hearing different forecasts with each new day, depending on which agency is giving them.



Whilst assuming that you're Australian, please feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in 'Introductions'. It's good to pick-up on those sometimes differing geographical perspectives.

Check-out the Guidelines, too, when you get a free minute. They're there to help us all enjoy our time here.

Happy posting



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5 minutes ago, Tjampman said:

In general I am positive about the phuket sandbox.

Alot of people enjoy going to Phuket every year and for people who wants to go to some nice beaches I think it would be a good place to go.

I can feel that I am starting to get annoyed with people who complain they can't go to mainland thailand, but I don't think that is the point of the phuket sandbox.

Now there is concern, the 3 obvious once are

1. They need to approve something! , it is ridiculous that a fortnight before opening there still isnt a procedure in place

2. Draconian social distancing rules and no alcohol serving should detract all sensible tourists

3. Three covid test after arrival (beside inconvenient, in Udon Thani I paid 5000baht for 1 test, with 3 test that's more than the plane ticket) it is totally excessive for people already vaccinated, if anything they should replace it with one test only if after 14 days (or however many days) you would want to go to the mainland.

I think anyone going start of July are crazy.  I would wait and let the chips fall in place.

I do hope they quickly relax the rules for the phuket sandbox.

 to me they seem to put a lot detterents in place, but I would go if I could just stay in phuket and enjoy a glass of red wine for dinner or have a beer on the beach.

Yes a shambolic approach to a reopening and frankly I feel sorry for the airlines who scheduled flights in anticipation of the initial 7 day stay requirement, and an assumption that COE/visa approvals would follow.  I think July will be a FAIL and only by divine influence August may see a few tourists actually arrive.  Not the millions TAT hopes for.

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11 minutes ago, Tjampman said:

to me they seem to put a lot detterents in place, but I would go if I could just stay in phuket and enjoy a glass of red wine for dinner or have a beer on the beach.

Great post, sir, and both deserved and relevant to the situation presented by the so-called powers-that-be. I can understand everyone, TAT and the PHM, wanting to be cautious re opening Phuket too soon and too completely, but, as you comment, the testing and leisure restrictions are totally beyond the pale when it comes to considering booking a holiday there.


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