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News Forum - Tourist questioned by police, Phuket taxi drivers said he was driving a “service vehicle”


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3 hours ago, Grant said:

For once and for all make Taxi fares a flat rate for kms or check metres and regulate these scamming people!

Why is it only Phuket that we have trouble?

Are there other corrupt dealings behind the scenes on Phuket taxis?

Complex but controllable by tourists with basic common sense. Avoid tuk tuks . Use price listed cars bikes or taxis. Not rocket science😌

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5 hours ago, Grumpyoldman said:

Why do I not have the slightest inclination to visit Phuket or The Isle of Scam as it's also known to Brits?

It is not known as anything except “ Phuket” . You have just made that up that silly slur. Phuket Brit Resident Owner since 2004.

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Is the wearing of a face mask now just for the police and a criminal can wear one as a chin strap ? 

Or was this criminal later fined for advertising the improper use of a face mask ?


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23 hours ago, Stonker said:

They reported what they saw  - a  foreigner driving a taxi.

If you are just doing your daily business, you're not exactly paying attention to whoever drives a car with what plate. 

Unless you are specifically looking for it. If it happened just once, and he reported it, that makes him an *sshole. 

Even though I get cut off in traffic daily and see motorcycles on the sidewalk, don't see anyone stopping for pedestrians at a zebra crossing, I'm not gonna report them. If I'm doing that, I'm a real *sshole. 

But well, this again, is a good ad for taxis in Phuket who are infamous already. If anyone who visits Phuket, is doing anything possible to avoid taxis, maybe... Just maybe, there's a problem with.... Wait for it.... The taxis! 

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9 hours ago, DiJoDavO said:

If it happened just once, and he reported it, that makes him an *sshole

No, it makes him and whoever else reported it (apparently a number did so) p1ssed off that foreigners are openly breaking the law, so rather than either ignore it or take the law into their own hands they did the right thing and reported it.

If you think that makes them "*assholes", then that says a lot more about you than it does them.

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On 2/18/2022 at 1:54 PM, Stonker said:
On 2/18/2022 at 1:01 PM, Grant said:

Thailand wants tourists?

But treats tourists with contemp?

They can’t have it both ways?

So expecting tourists to obey the law, and in this case to drive a car that's got insurance, is treating tourists with contempt?


I am just a low level observer on this forum. However, I've noticed that the polite and respectful Stonker (with 5,000 posts) and the less polite Poolie (2,500 posts) have the time and inclination to slam any criticism or questioning of Thailand. Now, I love Thailand and own two properties there with my Thai wife, but come on. You guys are either really bored parapaligic retirees, or employeed by the someone with an interest.

I await venom.

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