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Police officers, prosecutors may be investigated over acquittal of Red Bull heir


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After the Red Bull heir Vorayuth Yoovidhya, aka, “Boss”, was allowed to evade justice for a 2012 hit-and-run in which a Bangkok policeman died, at least 10 people may face investigation. According to a Bangkok Post report, the National Anti-Corruption Commission is considering launching a probe into a number of individuals, including police officers and prosecutors, who it’s believed colluded to have charges against Vorayuth dropped. Niwatchai Kasemmongkol from the NACC says a report carried out by an independent group, chaired by former NACC head, Vicha Mahakun, shows that around 10 individuals played a significant role in helping Vorayuth escape […]

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Money . . . handy at times, for sure, but for Thailand, as for too many countries in truth, a more dangerous disease even than Covid-19, in terms of past deaths caused by the likes of 'Boss' Vorayuth.

Surprised there was no special mention in today's report of last week's news of the legal big-knob (I forget his name) vowing to get to the bottom of all the dodgy dealings regarding this wealthy killer. Here, we have references to both the NACC and a Mr Vicha both 'showing interest' in the issue.

With last week's headlining guy, the NACC and Vicha now making a trio of interested parties that will probably only get in each other's way, I have to seriously doubt that the RTP will ever get even a sniff of their supposed quarry. 

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Here's excerpts from that earlier, 3 June, report that I was referring to, with a Mr Phachorn the big-knob I was referring to . . . 

Phachorn Yutthithamdamrong is the new chairman of a committee that oversees public prosecutors and he has set his sights on an infamous 2012 case involving the grandson of the cofounder of Red Bull, Vorayuth “Boss”.

Phachorn will preside over his first meeting of the oversight committee as the chief on June 9 and vows to reopen the infamous Red Bull investigation along with other suspect cases, promising a “new broom” to sweep out evidence and justice. The chairman plans to rehash all previous evidence with a careful eye.

The Thai public meet these vows with cynicism after years of panels on the case have only kicked the can down the road.

 . . . . With Phachorn's committee meeting June 9 (last Wednesday), supposedly reopening the Red Bull investigation, isn't it typical of Thai officialdom over-complexity that there was no mention of Phachorn's initiatives in today's report . . . as if the NACC is frightened that another investigative entity is seemingly doing their job.

What's the betting that this over-complexity will eventually be to blame for 'Boss' never coming to justice? Short odds, I reckon.

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I do not think they have any intention of finding any truth whatsoever. They just want to sit on committees for months and be paid well.

Even if they find any person in the wrong, they know very well there will be no prosecutions.

Every one has been paid off, and the killer is off abroad scott free.

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