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News Forum - Bangkok is back – Thailand’s capital roars back to life


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OPINION Before the pandemic, Bangkok was the most-visited city on the planet – a thriving hive of energy and activity which attracted over 22 million international visitors per year. Then, without warning, it all went quiet. Now, following the reboot of the Test & Go re-entry into Thailand on February 1, 2022, Bangkok is back. The city is welcoming the world’s travellers once again, hotel rates are starting to rise and restaurants are reopening. But what does the future hold in store for the Thai capital? These topics were tackled head-on in “Bangkok is Back!”, a fast and furious 45 […]

The story Bangkok is back – Thailand’s capital roars back to life as seen on Thaiger News.

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22 minutes ago, Thaiger said:

Bangkok is back. The city is welcoming

... "high quality" affluent tourists. Doubt theyll see 22 million of those.

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Is Bangkok Actually Back?

I am hoping that the residents of Bangkok will add their thoughts to the question, as the people quoted in the OP aren't exactly neutral, but rather they have a financial interest in propagating the idea.

I have had mixed feelings about Bangkok for several years. I first visited the place in the late 80s/early 90s and it was a blast; there was a vibrancy like no other place that I have seen, either before or since. There was life with super-power potential in every soi, on every street, around every corner and up every stair. In short, it was a wild, exciting, 'don't ever miss a day', life-changing place that I hated leaving, even for a second.

However, After the last coup, I started limiting my visits to the city as there was a change in the vibe, and not for the better. Each visit (about every 6 months, initially) became worse than the one before and it was all down to the 'mood on the street'; it felt like the life and vibrancy was being sucked out from within. Yes, I do blame Prayut and his cronies; it seems like they wanted to 'clean the place up', but instead created a scene much like an Army Base, but without the charm and/or ambience.

In spite of the above, I do have faith in Bangkok people to restore the sense of wonder and vibrancy, if given an opportunity.

So, I ask; is Bangkok actually back? Or, is it even on its way back? Or, is it a cooked goose and I should fondly keep my memories and run like hell, never looking back.


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