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Suspected Counterfeit 3M masks at pharmacy


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Was at the pharmacy the other day getting some medicine and was low on masks and bought some. 
I always get the 3M masks, never has any issues but this time the box looked a bit off, thought it was a new box so I just bought it. 

the masks were noticeably lower quality, really thin, smaller, not as soft. 

Was a pretty big pharmacy in Siam, didn’t think it would have counterfeit, guess I’m going to stick to boots to get masks. 

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1 hour ago, ExpatPattaya said:

3M imported from America, Why?  The amount of energy wasted to send something 8000 miles is rediculous IMO 

Local KN-95 just as good


It’s manufactured in Thailand, here’s the two boxes, the one on the left is the “authentic” box

I’m not too well versed on masks but I just buy the 3M one because I trust the manufacturer, really cheap, 100 baht for 50 masks.


I remember when covid first hit every Chinese mask manufacturer just stuck the words “FDA / KN95 / N95” on their boxes, so I don’t trust most masks that say KN95/N95, not sure if it’s the same now.


I will say, when I had N95 masks from 3M, it was an unpleasant time wearing it, so I don’t think I would be wearing one all day even if I had access to them now. Hard to breath, face gets lines on them after you wear it, fairly tight rubber head band. 


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The 3M masks "made in Thailand" are almost certainly genuine although manufactured with different materials and possibly supplied under contract.

If in doubt, contact 3M.

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