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News Forum - Man allegedly attacks neighbour in Bangkok, claiming revenge for black magic


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A 47 year old man from Sri Lanka was arrested after he allegedly attacked a neighbour, smashing a glass bottle on his head and then stabbing him with the broken glass. Reports say he claimed the victim had used black magic against him to cause him pain. The victim, who is also 47 years old, says he was eating dinner in his room on the fifth floor at around 6:30 pm when he heard that someone was knocking. Other residents in the apartment building in Bangkok’s Sai Mai districts reportedly told police that they heard the man knocking on another’s […]

The story Man allegedly attacks neighbour in Bangkok, claiming revenge for black magic as seen on Thaiger News.

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Back in the day in Indonesia, I used the services of a 'God Detective' to solve who was stealing money from my house, as per my next-door neighbour/house-keeper's suggestion.

It sounded intriguing, so I put her on the back of my motorbike and off we went. The God Detective welcomed us at his house, sat us down, gave us each a cup of tea, and started asking questions. I should explain that this was in a remote area of Eastern Indonesia where few BWGs (Big White Guys) had ever visited and where the locals had similar ideas to some Thais; all BWGs were incredibly wealthy and it just seemed 'right' if some of that wealth went to them.

Well, well, the God Detective quickly focused on my neighbour/housekeeper's nephew who started living with her at the same time that money started to go missing and said that he was 'under some dark influence'; it was an amazing feat of Religious Divination (and bleeding obvious, but...). While we were gone, the nephew in question heard that we had gone to visit the God Detective and decided to run away in fear, screaming down to the docks and catching the next boat to the next island.

I returned to my house with my neighbour/housekeeper and sat about while she went to her house to confront the nephew as per the God Detective's instructions, only to learn that he had done a runner.

I never saw the nephew again and didn't ask too many questions; some Indonesians have similar ideas about 'face' as Thais, so it wasn't a good idea. I sat my neighbour/housekeeper down and played on her Catholicism; we both had to forgive the nephew in order to be good Catholics. Fortunately, she believed and I kept an otherwise great housekeeper/neighbour/friend.

God Detective beats Black Magic


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We use the massive "Disco Busses" to transport approximately 1/2 of a 2500 workforce. 20+ years ago one of these busses had a head on with an overloaded truck.  Sadly 12 died. As a result malevolent spirits were seen searching for living bodies to take over. The plant was basically shut down for 9 days while armies of monks    cleansed and offered advise. 100K baht and two new sprit houses with a dedicated person to maintain them with red Nehi, fruit and incense did the trick. Over 9 million USD was lost that week not including money to relatives.   

Remember when the jungle's froze (some frost) in the north and the monks banged and prayed. All was good by 09:00. The evil sprits had retreated. 

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