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Covid-19 prevention leads to 14 arrests of longterm overstays


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While attempting to curb the spread of Covid-19 through migrant workers and illegal immigrants, Immigration Police have arrested 14 foreigners with egregious overstays. Today’s announcement of the bust of 14 foreign nationals took place mostly in Northeastern provinces. The Immigration Chief explained that officials at immigration have been proactive in seeking out people who entered Thailand illegally to prevent an influx and spread of foreign-based Covid-19 infections. As part of their routine inspections, immigration officers are asking for passports and paperwork showing information of arrival into Thailand from all foreigners they meet. They are looking for people who crossed the […]

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1 hour ago, Thaiger said:


Egregious? . . . Fair play, Thaiger, I had to get my Concise Oxford Dictionary out for that one. That's a belter!

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Yes, sarcasm where it's due, for sure. That Immigration sees fit to so much as mention these overstayers, whilst reporting on their Covid prevention work, is maybe a sad reflection as to how they view farangs and their introducing the UK strain into their country. Hence my 'sad' face.

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There are two things this story screams out to me:

1. The Thai Junta Govt has a clear anti-Expat military mindset rememiscent of a European Govt of the past where military personnel would ask 'certain' people to "show me your papers".

2. The 90 day reporting and annual extensions are a total waste of time (and our money) and should be scrapped. 7 years over-stay for one, and a family of 6 for several years, and all the rest.   Cleartly it does not work because only the 'good guys' do the right thing - the illegal 'bad guys' just ignore it all and pay 'tea money' when they need.

There are thousands of illegal over-stayers and way more illegal workers in Thailand - the whole system of reporting and extensions is a joke and clearly does not work - it should all be completely reformed.  But I just cant see that the Thai Junta Govt will ever admit that they were wrong with their 'good guys in, bad guys out' campaign - all they did was drive many 'good guys' out and stop more 'good guys' from coming back (like me). 

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