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What a rigmarole


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I  have a  Honda  CBR650 I  bought new in 2015 but due to working here at   the land I havent used it  much in the last 5 years...... in fact I havent used it  at  all except driven round the land (  got a long concrete  road) just to keep it  ticking over. Anyway didnt tax  it didnt think anything of  it, got a  letter a few  days  back saying I  must do something?

Wife  went to pay  the tax and they said  CANT got to take it somewhere  and  get something done re  register everything or  summat?  dunno, think Ill  just leave it  in the garage forever, 4000 km's in 6  years.agent says they can "fix " it for 4800 baht so  looks  like  another scam to me if it can be done for that WITHOUT  taking it somewhere to be re  registered. Maybe Ill  stick  it  in the  living room as a  sculpture

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When a car is 7 years old it has to be tested before it can be taxed.

Maybe same for a motorbike. Ask at your local Land Transport Office.

Still you have probably scrapped it by now.

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Last year I needed to do a bunch of Transport Department stuff with a bike I own.

1.  New owner.  Register in a foreigner's name.

2.  New province = new number plate and green book

3.  Vehicle test/inspection

4.  Pay vehicle tax (one year overdue)

5.  New colour

No way I was going to try and do that on my own.  I used a fixer and the whole lot got done, at least on paper, and the bike never left my house.  No letter from immigration.  I think it cost about 4K.

To me it was worth it.

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