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Every country has its own culture and a way of doing things. Thailand is no different. Thais are typically friendly, polite and down to earth. They greet each other respectfully and are quick to apologise for even the smallest of things. If you’ve been to Thailand for any amount of time, then you would have heard some basic guidelines for Thai etiquette like always wai to the elderly, don’t put your feet up on a table and don’t get a Buddha tattoo. But there are oh-so-many more. So here are 6 other Thai culture points you need to know. Superstitions […]

The story Survival Guide: 6 things you need to know about Thai culture as seen on Thaiger News.

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It forgot haggling and dual pricing. 

Tourists may not understand that locals pay taxes and don't want to get priced out of places they go regularly. Expect dual prices on occasion and don't freak out. 

And haggling means don't accept the first price you are given. In some countries haggling is rude or discouraged, but if done respectfully and with a smile, can lead to better prices :-) 


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The monk thing is not correct. Women or girls just need to not touch the monk and general rule is we all try to keep our heads lower to them. Now a big one is don't be openly showing cleavage to them in some small open looking blouse or shirt.

Don't interact with monks? This should be explained better than that as talking with them is ok as sometimes just depends on the situation and is normally ok. Just nonsense. Public transportation and priority seat? Only can remember ever seeing this on the sky train and for that matter never ever see monks on them as they normally get chauferred/shuttled around. I could hit on most of all the other ones in the article but not trying to pick it apart.

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1 hour ago, Saunk said:

Always keep a brown envelope on your person.

Yeah because corruption only exists in Thailand. 

The federal prosecutors in the United States are all unemployed from lack of work.

Britain had no corruption until expats brought it back from Thailand and spread it around: 


Corruption in banking, law enforcement, taxation, those are all Thai. No where else. Not in China or Brazil or Sweden. 

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