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Motorcycle (full size) rental?


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Interested (possibly when easier to get back into Thailand) to rent a full size motorcycle (e.g., Honda Africa Twin or something similar with luggage) to maybe tour around for a week or 2.   No itinerary yet...

I tried to do some searches but just find moped rentals.  Thinking I may start from Pattaya (so so avoid Bangkok and also adjust a few days before start).

I had completed a guided tour with Big Bike Tours in Chiang Mai a few years ago so maybe that may be a better place to start (and maybe ask them too).



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Not sure whether you will find the (beautiful!) Africa Twin or not, but there are many large bikes for rent in Pattaya. Beach Road, just a little south (Walking Street direction) of Center Shopping Mall (called Center Mall, or Central Mall? Not sure)

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Firstly - IMO - dont do this - but if you do, then dont do it by yourself and without learning things.

Thailand roads are extremely dangerous for inexperienced bike riders. I dont mean inexperience riding bike bikes, I mean riding on Thailand roads.  I have ridden more miles on big bikes than 99% of people in Australia - I have also raced around most tracks in NSW and VIC.  When I rode a bike in Thailand (being mid-50s first time) it was after having driven a car for almost a year - even then I was not prepared for how it goes - it is unbelievable and extremely dangerous. Now I rarely ever throw a leg over in Thailand (just a local scooter zip around), but I have absolutely no problem in Australia - no more sports bikes though :classic_sad:. A younger guy who knows the ropes should be fine - but if you dont know the ropes it doesnt matter how old you are.  

If you must, then try to find a local rider's club and go with them for some rides. Have a chat about things once you get there - they will tell you what and when and where and why and how.  Once you 'know' - then and only then, go for that long ride - preferably with someone else (safety in numbers). Here is one - never ride in early morning or late afternoon near larger towns - that is when many local Thais drive home drunk and they are just ridiculous - that was all stamped out in the west 50 years ago.

Bangkok has plenty of big bike rental places - and riding in Bangkok is safer than when out on the open road. And Bangkok is a good starting point for a bike ride, and where you will come back to anyway.

Get travel medical insurance that specifically covers riding a big motorbike - most dont.  Having an accident in Thailand is one thing, but getting 'repaired' and then having top pay a huge hospital bill is another.

Find a big bike riders club and meet with them (they are all mostly Expats). Buy them a beer and they will tell you all about it.  Actually - it will take a lot longer than just one beer.


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Thanks.  I rode 10 days in Thailand (mostly northern) and decades all over the world.  I hate traffic and prefer the open back roads so I wanted to avoid starting in Bangkok.   I'll keep looking. 

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