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News Forum - Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok denies data breach after post lists patient records for sale


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In what appeared to be the latest breach of the country’s public health sector, around 39 million patient records from Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok have been listed for sale on an internet database-sharing platform, raidforums.com. The hospital is now denying that its database was hacked. The Bangkok Post reported that the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital of Mahidol University, which operates Siriraj Hospital, released a statement saying there has been no data leakage from its faculty or any affiliated hospitals, and that the data set listed was not from the hospital’s database. The post on raidforums.com says a sample file […]

The story Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok denies data breach after post lists patient records for sale as seen on Thaiger News.

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"The post claimed that the information isn’t just from the public Siriraj Hospital, but also from VIP records from Siriraj’s private hospital located right next door."

The above is wonderful news that VIP records were hacked as well (I don't particularly believe the hospital's denial and assume that they will be the 'single bidder').

I am happy as if only the records of 'Somchai from the 'hood' were stolen, no one would lift a finger. If the VIP records were taken, they'll move Heaven and Earth to salvage the situation.

I am not a fan of hackers, but if people are going to hack in Thailand, I always hope that they include the 'High-So' as well.

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"The majority of public hospitals still lack cybersecurity departments or chief information security officers capable of monitoring threats."

Maybe the Smart Visa program can lure in some computer people to help out? 

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