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News Forum - How do you get permanent residency in Thailand?


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https://youtu.be/dYoiTLq9Ufw What is the point of getting permanent residency in Thailand? What are the benefits of having such a document? What are the things you can and can’t do? What is the criteria for being able to apply for a PR? Find out more in todays episode where Tim sits down with Benjamin Hart from Integrity Legal to talk about the benefits of permanent residency in Thailand.

The story How do you get permanent residency in Thailand? as seen on Thaiger News.

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Looked just now at this. Many hurdles for insufficient benefit. With Thai Wife  best go straight for Thai citizenship, with no need learning thai or five years Permanent Residency, providing you have Thai Business / Employment. 

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The question often posed is... Can there be an equivalent, as often found in other countries, of obtaining a permanent residency status in Thailand, for example like the U.S. "Green Card" status, that effectively shifts you from a Non-Immigrant, to an Immigrant?

It's a good question and I have rarely seen it adequately answered. Thai PR, unlike the U.S. Green Card for example, has a more demanding requirement structure. As a consequence, most "expats" or "retirees" or "spouses of Thai citizens" will never be able to achieve the equivalent "Green Card" (PR) within Thailand.

I would say the obvious answer to that often posed question, can there be an equivalent in Thailand and comparing the U.S. Green card PR, is a long standing no.

There are two major differences between the U.S. "Green Card" and the Thai "PR"

1. Thai PR has a minimum income requirement of 80,000 (30,000 if you are married/family based) baht per year, the U.S. green card has no such income requirement.

2. Thai PR requires an unbroken 3 year contiguous work permit, the U.S. green card has no necessary initial qualifying work permit requirement.

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2 hours ago, Cabra said:

Doesn't seem to be a big benefit, so why bother?

It's a huge benefit if you plan to stay long term in Thailand. 

You're categorized under a different law as an immigrant instead of non-immigrant. Probably the biggest benefits are you never have to do annual VISA paperwork again, no 90 day reporting, no TM-30, basically the benefit is you are a resident and no longer need to be granted permission stay. Thus you don't have to worry about being kicked out of the country because you haven't complied with the latest changes in VISA (i.e. annual Non-immigrant O, bank requirements, annual renewal etc.). Most would consider that a huge benefit. It gives you the security and freedom to fully invest your life in Thailand without the worry of being kicked out because you no longer qualify for your current or future VISA.

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