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News Forum - Cambodian PM will not be allowed to meet Myanmar’s ousted leader, junta says


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Cambodia’s PM Hun Sen is barred from meeting the former State Counsellor and ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi by the Myanmar military junta when he visits the country this weekend, according to a military spokesperson today. As the spokesperson for General Zaw Min Tun, from the military information team, says that only representatives from the political parties will have a chance to meet with PM Hun Sen. He added that those who are currently facing legal accusations will not be able to meet and speak to the Cambodian prime minister, whilst referring to Suu Kyi, as well as former […]

The story Cambodian PM will not be allowed to meet Myanmar’s ousted leader, junta says as seen on Thaiger News.

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9 hours ago, HolyCowCm said:

Who cares as this guy is as dirty as the Myanmar Junta bully general. 

This type of undesirable character seems to run the gamut in neighboring countries. Birds of a feather comes to mind.

Wonder if the reaction would be the same if old Lung Tu came calling? 

Not missing much anyway. Any audience with that charlatan Mz. Suu Kyi would be nothing short of a public relations stunt.



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The anti Hun Sen league misses the point. There is nothing lost if he doesn't see "charlatan" Suu Kyi which doesn't have such a great track record regarding Human Rights (Rohyingia) either. It would only give her more intl. front page presence. It remains to be seen what Hun Sen can achieve for ASEAN. Myanmar/Burma has been a hard nut to crack ever since the Brits left the country. Even before that History has shown that the Burmese used Violence and murder even against their own relatives when it was a kingdom. The bodies were burried under the Palace Walls in Mandalay to fend off evil spirits (i.e. relatives)

My hope is that the situation can be defused, difficult with some private armies in the north and a population that is ready to take up arms. The consequences could also affect Thailand as a neighbor.

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